A new chapter begins

On St. David’s Day, we celebrate our Welsh heritage, a name change and the dawn of a new era.

A New Chapter Begins: From Cardiff City Ladies to Gwalia United

As the first light of St. David’s Day dawns on the horizon, we stand on the cusp of a momentous new era. On this day, 1st March 2024, we honour our past as we boldly step into the future: Cardiff City Ladies will evolve into Gwalia United for the 2024/25 season. This transition is not just a change of name but a profound declaration of our evolution, embodying the spirit, resilience, and ambition that has always defined us.

Our Legacy: A Tribute to Cardiff City Ladies

Since our inception in 1975, Cardiff City Ladies has been a beacon of excellence and pioneering spirit in women’s football. We’ve nurtured over 100 full internationals, celebrated countless triumphs, and forged a path for future generations. Our journey from Cardiff City Ladies to Gwalia United represents a bold stride into a future where tradition and ambition intertwine, continuing our growth, empowerment, and inspiration legacy.

Gwalia United: Embracing Our Future

Gwalia, an ancient Welsh term for Wales, symbolises our deep connection to Welsh heritage and the unyielding spirit of our nation. Adopting ‘Gwalia’ as our new name celebrates our historical identity and a commitment to the future of women’s football. Gwalia United is a community symbol, reflecting our shared journey, aspirations, and values that define us: unity, heritage, excellence, pride, resilience, and inclusion.

Our Vision: Leading the Way in Women’s Football

As Gwalia United, we envision a future where we lead in women’s club football, inspiring and uniting through the transformative power of sport. We’re committed to providing opportunities for girls and women to compete at the highest levels, positively impacting our communities and fostering engagement beyond the pitch. We aim to develop a culture of excellence and inclusivity, empowering our players to achieve their fullest potential and inspire positive change.

Join Us on This Historic Journey

The transition to Gwalia United marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our story. As we embark on this journey, we invite our fans, partners, and the community to join us in shaping the future of women’s football. Together, under the banner of “Our Club, Our Nation, Our Story,” we will continue to write our legacy, crafting a new narrative of possibilities and achievements for women, both on and off the field.

As Cardiff City Ladies remains until the end of the 2023/24 season, we cherish every moment, every game, and every victory that has led us here. As we move into Gwalia United for the 2024/25 season, we do so with the pride, passion, and perseverance that have always been our hallmark.

Welcome to Gwalia United, where our history meets our future.



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